Nature in every bale.
Professional shavings for horses, no harmful substances, dust removal, very good absorption of moisture, recommended for horses with allergies and diet. Our shavings are used by dog breeders, rodents, snakes and animal farms

Specification of our shavings for horses:

  • Shavings: 100% pine and fir shavings (soft wood)
  • dust free
  • Bales size: 800x400x300 mm
  • Bale net weight: 20 kg (+/- 1% of net mass)
  • Moisture: 12% (+/- 2% of all mass)
  • Shavings do not contain bark
  • Mold and fungi free
  • without chemical additives
  • recommended for horses with respiratory diseases, allergies and diet
  • help to keep hygiene in the stable and to control the amount of food consumed
  • high absorption
  • easy to store
ekologiczna ściółka dla koni

How to use our horse bedding?:

  1. For starters you need 3-4 bales for box 3-4m
  2. Spread shavings evenly over the entire surface of the box
  3. Shavings adheres well to faeces and prevents the spreading of dirt
  4. Remove only wet stains and sprinkle on dirty places, faeces with a fork, so do not remove all bedding
  5. 1-2 bales per week only for sprinkling


For our customers we organize transports abroad or you can pick up shavings from our warehouse. Call or write and check our price +48 609 565 967 and +48 668 400 554.

We are cooperating with:

- horse farms
- breeding farms
- horse trainers
- companies
-individual customers
- all horse lovers



Please order shavings using the - mail or 

If you have any questions, call +48 609 565 967, +48 668 400 554 or e- mail.